Farmers Market


Every Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. beginning the first Saturday in May until early fall (weather permitting).  Farmer’s Market will be held in the lot on the Northeast corner of Shaw Street and Ensley Street just past the light in town.

For Vendor information please contact Carol Ronk or Deb Holbrook, Market Coordinators, at 231-414-7311 or 616-225-2654.

What is a Farmers Market?

A Farmers Market is a point of connection between the rural and urban community members.  For vendors, it is a place to sell what you grow and share what you know.  For patrons, it is a place to purchase fresh produce from local growers.  For some, it becomes a tangible way to acknowledge and take charge of health or environmental concerns they may have.

If you dig deep enough almost everyone has “farm roots” for their family tree.  You may find that attending such a market puts you back in touch with a valuable part of your family history.

Vendor Rules

1. All vendors must be registered with the Village of Howard City Downtown Development Authority Market Coordinator

2. Market hours will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Selling area may be set up 1/2 hour before market opens. Any and all vendor generated waste, rubbish or trash must leave the market with the vendor.

3. Items permitted for sale at the Market are limited to produce, flowers, plants and crafts.  No commercial or flea-market type items will be permitted.  The Market Coordinator must approve items in question prior to sale.  Dairy products, including cheese, milk or butter, are specifically prohibited.

4. All Produce must be fresh, high quality, in season and Michigan Grown.

5. Payments taking place before the second Saturday in June must be mailed or delivered to the Village of Howard City offices.  Selling areas after the start date in June are available only on a daily fee basis and must be paid and registered with the Market Coordinator.  The Market Coordinator reserves the right to waive or negotiate fees in the case of civic/non-profit groups, and such fees shall be considered on a case by case basis.

6. Selling spaces at the approximate dimensions of 10’ x 20’ with additional space being allocated at the discretion of the Market Coordinator.  Multiple spaces my be purchased on the basis of availability, subject to payment of appropriate fees.  No selling is permitted outside assigned spaces.  Vendors are responsible for cleanliness of their individual spaces both during and at the end of the sales time.

7. All foods shall be clean, wholesome, and safe for human consumption.  Vendors shall not be permitted to display or sell spoiled or decayed product.  No food may be offered by way of sample, except on a one-to-one basis.  No foods may be prepared for consumption in the Farmer Market area.

8. The Downtown Development Authority shall not be liable or responsible for transactions made between buyer and seller.  In addition, the Downtown Development Authority  shall not be responsible for theft, lost or stolen articles, or accidents.

9. Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Downtown Development Authority.  The Downtown Development Authority reserves the right to expel or refuse admittance to those who upset the quite enjoyment of the Farmer’s Market activity or violate any of the above rules.

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