Fire Department Mission


To be a leading emergency service provider by:

  • Meeting the needs of our protection area in fire prevention, fire suppression and rescue services
  • Effectively utilizing and improving the dedication and skills of our personnel
  • Constantly working to improve all of our services and operations

In carrying out this mission the Howard City Fire Department will:

  • Make priority number one the safety of our firefighters
  • Actively encourage the professional and personal development of all our personnel
  • Work as teams to take full advantage of our skills, knowledge, and creativity
  • Communicate openly and honestly to our membership and protection area to inspire confidence and trust


  • To operate the department under SOP guidelines in order to promote safety and eliminate uncertainty in regards to department operations.
  • To take advantage of grant programs as funds permit to purchase equipment and apparatus.
  • To provide proper personnel turn-out gear, equipment and apparatus for use by the department.
  • To properly maintain all equipment and apparatus under the operation of the department.
  • To maintain a minimum staffing level of at least 6 paid on call personnel available 0600 hours to 1800 hours.
  • To maintain a minimum level of 18 qualified paid on call personnel within the department.
  • To encourage all personnel to participate in professional and personal development classes.
  • To actively work towards fire prevention in all of our areas of responsibility.