Municipal Services

Bill Cornelisse, Department of Public Works Laborer
Joe Cornelisse, Department of Public Works Laborer
Shane Smith, Department of Public Works Laborer
Joe Krogman, Department of Public Works Laborer

The Municipal Services Department provides a variety of services for the Village of Howard City including the water system, wastewater treatment plant, road maintenance, park maintenance, snow removal and storm water infrastructure. In general they are responsible for all the workings of the Village.

The Municipal Services department maintains over 25 acres of parks and public grounds, 19 Miles of Streets, 4 Sewage lift stations, 3 water wells, a waste water treatment plant with 3 holding cells totaling 36 million gallons of waste water. The department also provides 98% of the lab testing for the village’s water and sewer system.

All members of the Municipal Services Department are also members of the Fire Department. It is a department requirement that all full-time Municipal Services staff are required to complete the fire training and serve on the Fire Department.


To provide our Village with safe and adequate Water, Streets and Sidewalks. To operate the Wastewater treatment system to insure the Village has a environmentally sound means of waste disposal. To ensure all of the functions of the Village are carried out to the best of our ability.


To maintain and make improvements in streets, water, wastewater treatment, parks and our services and to work as a unit for the betterment of the Village.

Contact the Municipal Services Department at (231) 937-4311, ext 3564, or via email to