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What is a Renaissance Zone?

A Renaissance Zone is a region designated by the state to be TAX FREE for any business or resident currently in or moving into these regions.  The zones are designed to encourage new jobs and investment in the Howard City area.

What is meant by TAX FREE?

By law, Renaissance Zones fully waive these state and local taxes:

  • Michigan Single Business Tax

  • Michigan Personal Income Tax

  • Local Personal Property Tax

  • Local Real Property Tax

  • Local Income Tax

What does that mean to you?

No catch!  Over 150 acres of undeveloped tax free land available for improvement.  The Howard City area is particularly interested in encouraging value-added agribusiness enterprises as well as general manufacturing.  However, there are also opportunities for commercial and service enterprises.  We want your business!  We are willing to prove to you there are significant personal and business reasons to live in the Howard City/Montcalm County Area.

Why Invest in Howard City Area?

  • Large available regional labor pool

  • Custom and technical training capacity

  • Experienced development assistance program

  • Excellent quality of life

  • Close-knit communities

  • Diverse recreational opportunities

  • Public lake access

  • Strong health care systems

  • Quality school systems

  • Affordable housing

  • Rural cost of living

  • Commuting distance from Grand Rapids, Lansing and Big Rapids

  • Access to main freeways and highways:  U.S. 131 and M-66 north/south, and M-57 and M-46 east/west

Renaissance Zone Specifics

  • Over 120 acres of industrial/commercial development space available.

  • Utilities: Municipal sewer and water are available as is natural gas, and electricity from either of two suppliers.  Completed infrastructure to support the zone include a new 300,000 gallon water tower and an additional 750 GPM water well.

  • Howard City Renaissance Zone is located for easy access to almost all major population centers in the state of Michigan by 4 lane, limited access highways.  Zone is located within 4 miles of two interchanges to US131.  It is also only 3 miles from M-46 which is the major east-west truck route in the central part of Michigan.

  • Employment: Labor Market provides opportunity to hire quality employees.  Assistance can and will be provided by MI Works and the Montcalm Alliance to insure that employee requirements are met.  Special training assistance can be provided by Montcalm Community College with a facility located within the zone.

  • Tax advantages: No taxes other than School bonded building debt at 5.45 mill until year for up to 12 years. These savings are significant.

  • Pricing will be negotiated with property owner.  All properties are privately held.

  • Environmental documentation is clean.  There are no wetlands in the area and it is not located in a floodplain.

Where can I obtain more information?

For more information please contact Rob Spohr, Director of the Montcalm Alliance at 616-771-0325.

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