Granger Trash Service


Effective, January 1, 2017, Granger merged with Green Valley and the Village Council accepted the new contract. Residents who need any information regarding their trash services can call (888) 947-2643.

Howard City Municipal Trash Service Begins September 1, 2006

HOWARD CITY, MICH. — The Village of Howard City has formalized a contract with Green Valley Disposal Service to provide a unified trash pick up for all residential properties within its boundaries.

“Having a single waste hauler, within the Village, provides a substantial savings to each resident,” said Mark E Rambo, Village Manager “it also cuts down the local truck traffic since everything will be picked up in one day.”

Weekly trash service for a 96-gallon plastic cart will cost $10 per month per residence.  If a residence does not generate enough trash to justify using a cart, they have the option of using a tag service for $1.50 per 32-gallon bag or bin.  The program also provides tags for yard waste at a cost of $2.00 per 32-gallon bag or bin.

“The tag service provides much more flexibility then buying bags,” noted Rambo “this allows residents to use their own 32-Gallon plastic bin for yard waste or trash.”

Tags can be ordered over the phone directly from Green Valley Disposal with no additional shipping charges.  Tags will also be available at several stores in downtown Howard City.  Allowing residents to use their own 32-gallon plastic bin also reduces the risk of animals getting into the bags.

All residents must be switched over to Green Valley Disposal by December 1, 2006.

“We wanted to ensure that our residents would have enough time to make a smooth transition from their existing waste provider to the new provider,” said S. Michael Scott, Village President  “the December timeline will give residents enough time to finish out the quarter.”

Residents that are ready to switch now may call Green Valley Disposal at (877) 977-3783.  The first pick up will be Wednesday September 6th, due to the holiday, and will be moved back to Tuesday thereafter.


Q: What is the new Municipal Trash Service?
A: This is a process where the Village bids out the residential trash service to many waste haulers and selects the lowest bidder…which passes on a substantial savings to each resident.Q: Why did the Village decide to do this?
A: The Village had received many complaints from residents about the price for trash collection throughout the Village.  There were many scenarios where neighbors with the same company and the same pickup day were paying different rates.Q: What is this going to cost me?
A: A 96-Gallon cart will cost $10.00 per month.  A tag for a 32 gallon bag or bin of trash will cost $1.50 and a tag for a 32 gallon bag or bin of yard waste will cost $2.00.
Q: What does the Village get out of this?
A: Not a penny…this was bid on behalf of its residents.
Q: When is the new pick up day?
A: All residential trash will be picked up on Tuesday morning.Q: How do I switch my service?
A: Please call Green Valley at 877-977-3783Q: What is the deadline to switch?
A: All residential trash customers must be switched to the Green Valley Service by December 1, 2006.
Q: What do I do with my extra bags from my old waste hauler?
A: Please contact your existing waste hauler and ask them to purchase back your unused bags.  If they have good customer service and are community friendly, they should not give you any troubles.
Q: I thought the Village picked up Yard Waste, why have tags?
A: The Village of Howard City picks up leaves and brush and will continue to do so.  However, there are yard waste items, like grass clippings, that the Village will not pick up.  This tag service will cover all of the items that the Village will not pick up.
Q: Where can I get some Tags?
A: Tags can be ordered directly from Green Valley by calling 877-977-3783 (there are no additional shipping charges).  Tags will also be available at one or two stores downtown…the Village is still working on a few locations.
Q: What about commercial or industrial sites?
A: The municipal trash service only covers residential properties and rental units that contain 4 or less units.  All others are not covered by this service and are not required to switch.

Q: I’m commercial/industrial can I get that low rate?
A: Green Valley may provide trash services to commercial and industrial business in the area.  However, this is outside the Village’s trash agreement and must be negotiated directly with Green Valley.  Please call them at 877-977-3783.