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Howard City Adopts Truck Route

HOWARD CITY, MICH. — The Howard City Village Council unanimously adopted a Truck Route ordinance on November 7, 2005 and is in the process of implementing the route.

The establishment of a truck route stems from the Village’s Master plan that originally called for a route around the Village allowing trucks to bypass the downtown and residential areas. However, the proposed route was not supported by the Michigan Department of Transportation during the initial planning phase and the Village had to alter the route. Ultimately, the Village opted for the use of the existing Primary county and state roads as the best route for travel around the Village.

“The Truck Route does not have any impact on local deliveries or businesses,” commented Mark Rambo, Village Manager, “if you are delivering to somewhere in the village or leaving the Village with products or materials then you can leave the designated truck route.”

Village taxpayers recently spent over $700,000 improving five miles of its road system and the Village Council sought a way to maximize the longevity of these improvements. The Council also sought to increase the safety of Howard City residents by eliminating truck traffic in the downtown and residential areas; it also helps avoid unnecessary reductions in property values due to truck noise, vibrations or air pollution.

“I know the change factor will be difficult for companies that may have been taking the same route for the past 20 years, noted Rambo, “but truck drivers know the road system better than any of us and I am confident that they will be able to make the necessary changes without substantially adding to the overall distance of the route.”

The designation of a truck route also ties into the future construction plans of the Village. As roads are reconstructed, Truck Routes will be built to a higher specification that can withstand the stress of larger trucks.

Click for a Copy of the Ordinance and Map: Truck Route Ordinance  Truck Route Revisions   Truck Route Map

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