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Our Department of Public Works performs many water tests throughout the year to ensure that our water is the best quality and safe to drink. To view the Village of Howard City's water quality reports, please click on the link below.

Spring leaf pick-up will run from the first (1st) full week of April and will end at the end of the second full week of May each year. Authorized bags (not sold by the Village) shall be purchased and used for yard waste. Village DPW will periodically pick these bags up until December 15 (weather permitting) of each year.
Fall leaf pick-up  will run from the second (2nd) full week of September through the end of the third (3rd) full week of November. Authorized bags (not sold by the Village) shall be purchased and used for yard waste and may be placed out for DPW pick-up until December 15 (weather permitting) each year.
Residential brush collection service is intended to assist residents with regular yard cleanup and is not intended to clean up after commercial tree removals. Contractors removing residential trees must make plans for their own clean up after tree removal. Brush pick up will run the second and fourth week of each month from April until October. Brush placed out after the scheduled pick-up date and after Village crews have serviced your area may not be collected and will be the responsibility of the property owner to dispose of. Due to weather events, pickup days may be changed. All brush put out for chipping must conform to the following guidelines. Please do NOT mix brush and loose material, such as leaves, grass clippings,  wires, ropes, etc. Mixed piles will not be collected. Branches must be no larger than eight (8") inches in diameter and no longer than eight (8') feet in length. Piles shall be placed on the shoulder of the road near the property line and perpendicular to the road, with the butt ends towards the driven portion of the road. DO NOT stack brush in the road, on sidewalks, near mailboxes, or near storm drains or gas lines. All brush should be placed neatly behind the front curb or edge of lawn on your own property and out of the paved portion of the street. If you have any questions, please contact our DPW Department at 231-937-4311, ext. 4.

To view the Village's current water/sewer rates, please click here.

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