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The Howard City Fire Department was established in 1868 and currently services the Village of Howard City, Reynolds Township and the northern half of Pierson Township. This service area covers approximately 50 square miles and 7 miles of US 131.

The Howard City Fire Department staffs 22 paid on-call firefighters and responds to approximately 100 fire calls per year.

The Howard City Fire Department has an ISO Fire Suppression Rating of 5.

The pick-up vehicles are equipped with a drop-in tank and pump for grass and wood fires.

Every member of the Howard City Fire Department has attained a  minimum of the Firefighter I training, in addition, many members attained the Firefighter II training. Every Howard City firefighter receives 32 hours of training per year, above and beyond their initial certification.The Howard City Fire Department is proud to have 8 firefighters who are Medical Training certified and serve the community with the Emergency First Response Rescue Unit.

The Rescue Vehicle is provided by Montcalm County and stationed at the Village of Howard City. The First Response Rescue team of the Howard City Fire Department responds to approximately 400 calls per year.

Each year the Howard City Fire Department conducts several educational programs for area elementary schools.  The Fire Department's education team teaches fire safety, demonstrates proper emergency fire safety techniques, and gives tours of the fire station.

In September, the Howard City Fire Department hosts an annual Firemen’s Chicken Barbecue at Howard City’s Harvest Festival in Ensley Park. This is a wonderful opportunity for community members to meet the dedicated team of the Howard City Fire Department, enjoy a great meal, and contribute to a worthwhile community project.


Burning Permits

To obtain a burning permit, you must contact the Fire Chief at (231) 629-1972.

Fire Incident Reports

If you have been involved in a Fire Department Incident in the Village of Howard City Fire Service Area and would like to obtain a copy of that report, you may do so in person or by mail.

You may submit your request (via phone or in person) to the Village of Howard City office.

You may also request a copy of your incident report by mail.  Please include the following information:

  1. Incident Number (if you have one)

  2. Full Name, Address, and Contact Information

  3. Date, Time, Location of incident

  4. Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope



  • Meeting the needs of our protection area in fire prevention, fire suppression and rescue services

  • Effectively utilizing and improving the dedication and skills of our personnel

  • Constantly working to improve all of our services and operations


  • Make priority number one the safety of our firefighters

  • Actively encourage the professional and personal development of all our personnel

  • Work as teams to take full advantage of our skills, knowledge, and creativity

  • Communicate openly and honestly to our membership and protection area to inspire confidence and trust


  • To operate the department under SOP guidelines in order to promote safety and eliminate uncertainty in regards to department operations

  • To take advantage of grant programs, as funds permit, to purchase equipment and apparatus

  • To provide proper personnel turn-out gear, equipment and apparatus for use by the department

  • To properly maintain all equipment and apparatus under the operation of the department

  • To maintain a minimum staffing level of at least 6 paid on-call personnel available 0600 hours to 1800 hours

  • To maintain a minimum level of 18 qualified paid on call personnel within the department

  • To encourage all personnel to participate in professional and personal development classes

  • To actively work towards fire prevention in all of our areas of responsibility

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